The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black - Death in Luxor

Death in Luxor

Graham Warren

Death in Luxor is a page turning modern-day adventure set in an Egypt full of ancients. Having survived an attack by three-thousand-year-old soldiers by the narrowest of margins, Kathryn – Kate to her friends – enters the second week of her holiday in Luxor, only this is no holiday. Armed with the knowledge that the unknown Pharaoh Nakhtifi not only existed – he exists, and he is the most important member of her ancient family, this is now a battle for her life and his afterlife.

Kate having ‘seen’, her young mind is in turmoil. Her own traumas, such as the recent unexpected death of her mother, sit uneasily alongside memories of a complete ancient life which she struggles to make sense of. This is not good for the people around her. It is a prerequisite for Kate to be in control. When she is not, even small things, a wrong word, a glance, can send her into a rage. This her friends, Alex and Cairo, can attest to. Alex even has the bruises to prove it!

The three friends are up against an ancient magician, a warlock, who, though imprisoned in a tomb, has brought nothing except trouble to the afterlife for thousands of years. His ancient magic is very powerful, he has supporters who do his dirty work for him, and he, above anything else, wants to permanently remove Pharaoh Nakhtifi from the afterlife. Help, or perhaps hindrance, comes in the form of the red wine drinking ancients Ramses II and Alexander the Great, not forgetting the beautiful ancient cat god Bast. Ultimately though, this is a power struggle which only Kate, Alex and Cairo can resolve, because ancients can only see and travel the world as it was in their time.

Kate may have plenty of attitude, but she and Alex are forced to weave their adventures between the needs of the "oldies". Aggie, Kate’s guardian, enjoys nothing more than drinking and gossiping with the expat community. Alex’s father, a world-renowned archaeologist, is in his element checking out a prospective dig. Though when not doing so, he enjoys showing off his knowledge of ancient Egypt to anyone who will listen, whilst his wife flounders.

Join Kate, Alex and their Egyptian friend Cairo as they meet ancient gods and pharaohs, and find out how modern academics have got it all wrong. Visit tombs and temples with them, and experience fear, friendship and humour in equal parts. In the week when Kate should be celebrating her 14th birthday, not everyone will survive to enjoy the day!

Egyptian writing

A flavour of the book:

Cairo stood. He was now pointing at a painting on the wall. It depicted a snake that was coming out of an ished tree, only to have a cat put its front paw on its head. This had caused the snake’s forked tongue to come out and its eyes to bulge. Kate thought, from where she sat, that the cat was killing the snake with a leaf. It must, however, have been a knife, as the artist had painted blood flowing freely from an obviously fatal wound.
Alex now stood. He wanted to have a closer look. "But this is a rabbit, Cairo, not a cat. Just look at those ears!"
Kate on closer inspection agreed with him, though she still thought that the knife looked more like a leaf.
Cairo pointed out the long tail wrapped around its hind legs. "See, that a cat, Mister Alex."
"You are both right, yet at the same time you are both wrong," said Inky. "Yes, Cairo, your dad would have told you stories to prepare you if you ‘saw’. We are all very pleased that you have. Every parent hopes that by telling children these stories they will be protecting them. It was the same in my, sorry my dear, our time. Come, sit, and I will tell you the story of this picture."
They sat as their glasses were topped up with tamar-hindi. Alex took his phone out to check the time. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that they still had just over an hour before they were supposed to meet Aggie, as well as his mum and dad. He wondered if they could get through the story, find out how to get out of here and get back to the Winter Palace, without being too late. He was not too concerned about his parents, but Kate being late to meet Aggie, after yesterday, was completely another matter.

From: Book 2, Death in Luxor, Chapter 8