The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black - Luxor Lost and Found

Luxor Lost and Found

Graham Warren

Casting magic can be quite straightforward, whilst finding the ingredients needed for an ancient spell is anything but! Pharaoh Nakhtifi’s place in the afterlife is secure, thanks to Kate, Alex and Cairo. Their success has thwarted the plans of the most powerful, most power-crazed warlock ancient Egypt has ever known. Now that he is directing all his anger at them, there is only one option: remove him from the afterlife, before he can remove them from this life ... Magic must be fought with magic.

The quest starts in modern day Luxor, though soon the young adventurers are having to search for the lost cemetery of the holy bulls at Armant. After travelling back in time to Pharaoh Akhenaton’s ancient city of Amarna, harshly controlled by his estranged wife Nefertiti, their search takes them far out into the desert to the lost city of Crocodilopolis. Having had their ancient memories revealed to them, their respective historical consciousness has changed them. Their need to go evermore their own way threatens not only the success of their mission, but also their friendship.

Kate, Alex and Cairo are taking an extremely adventurous, if not impossibly dangerous route to adulthood.

"Being confused about your feelings does not change in the afterlife, you just become confused with more certainty."

Pharaoh Akhenaton


A flavour of the book:

Kate totally ignored the screeching, as did Cairo. Television Street was always noisy, and screeching like this was something which had occurred many times already this morning. She very sarcastically thanked Alex for re-joining them.
Looking past her, Alex saw a motorcyclist who for no apparent reason had locked his brakes and was now swerving into the tyre repair shop. Bike and rider collided hard with the bath, sending its contents gushing over the road. The driver of a speeding car lost control on the mixture of oil and water, hitting a parked car with such force that it was sent across the pavement and through the large plate-glass window of a bridal shop. Brightly coloured dresses in orange, turquoise, lime green and bright pink flew into the air. Their empty sleeves waved as though they were possessed on their descent back to earth.
Spinning from the impact, the speeding car, now travelling backwards, brought down a metal electricity pole from the middle of the road. The attached cables gave way instantly, lashing around in the air as if they were demented snakes. The first cable to hit the ground set the highly inflammable nylon wedding dresses alight before its fireworks of sparks ignited one parked car after another. The remaining electric cables appeared to be under some sort of supernatural control as they unnaturally held themselves aloft. Television Street went from a typical Egyptian shopping street to fire, explosions and mayhem with screaming people running in all directions. It had been transformed from a shopping area to a war zone in under twenty seconds.

From: Book 3, Luxor Lost and Found, Chapter 16