The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black - Gold of the Ancients

Gold of the Ancients

Graham Warren

What is it with ancients? So many are really difficult to live with, yet - for the famous names at least - they are impossible to be rid of. Why, after just over a year of calm is all hell about to break lose? Alex, Kate's closest friend, has spent the last year studying at the British Museum to be better prepared for times like this. Just one major problem - nothing could ever prepare anyone for times like this. Rather than being more prepared Alex feels that his senses have been dimmed, because nothing interesting has occurred since their confrontation with the warlock, nothing at all; not until today!

Kate and her father have gone missing in Egypt. Alex and Emmy are running for their lives in the British Museum. Unbeknown to Alex there has been a death, very personal to him, in the wilds of Norfolk. Ancients, after just over a year of peace, are causing big problems yet again. The search for Kate is on, the search for those searching for Kate will soon be on. There is only one place for Alex to be at a time like this ... Egypt!


A flavour of the book:

"So, let me get this straight." Emmy paused as she quickly thought through all Alex had just said. Cairo thought he understood, and Bast, who had joined them in the bar, certainly understood. "You believe that a person or persons unknown have bought up all the silver in Luxor, because in ancient times silver was worth more than gold." Alex nodded. "You also believe that these same people are using this silver to buy lots of ancient gold." Alex kept nodding. "Merenptah and this what’s his name …"
"Psusennes I," Alex said helpfully.
"So, you are convinced Merenptah and this Psusennes are behind all of this." Alex kept nodding. "They are working together, though you have no idea why."
"For power," Cairo said. "They only work together for power, evil power."
"I get that, Cairo, but why?"
Cairo was just about to say ‘for power’ yet again when Alex cut across him. "I do not know why, but we will when we head north."
"Please correct me if I am wrong, but if I understand you correctly, your Merenptah and Psusennes theory has convinced you of the genuineness of the note our would-be assassin dropped. It came from the north, so, because of this, we must head to the north."
"No, Emmy, not just anywhere in the north, to Tanis. You have read the book, so you must be able to see that we need to go to Tanis, we must go to Tanis."

From: Book 4, Gold of the Ancients, Chapter 13