The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black - Sekhmet's Anger

Sekhmet's Anger

Graham Warren

In Sekhmet's Anger - the 6th book in The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black series - we join Kate, Alex and Cairo as they search for the reason why they had been kept away from Luxor, from Ramses, from their family. Something must be going on because Luxor is never this calm, not week after week, ancients are not like that, ancients do not do long term calm!


A flavour of the book:

Kate took in the queen’s face for the first time: eyes slightly too close together, nose verging on being bulbous. Fantastic body, wonderful hair, though Kate now wondered if that was possibly a wig. No earrings, no necklace, no gold, she wore nothing which would draw eyes away from her body. Her only makeup was thin black eyeliner which, with her naturally suntanned skin, didn’t stand out at all. In all probability, she had only applied it, as so many Egyptians did, to keep flies away.
“Look at floor,” Cairo said softly. “Shadows.”
Whilst Kate and Alex kept their faces looking directly at the queen, or in Alex’s case, at the body of the queen, they let their eyes scan the floor. The partial shadows Cairo had noticed confirmed that they were not alone with royalty. There were people standing behind several of the columns, possibly behind each column.
“Palace guards,” Alex said as softly as he could, the vastness of the room magnifying and adding eco to his voice.

From: Book 6, Sekhmet's Anger, Chapter 2