Ptolemaic Temple at Deir el-Medina - The Courtyard

This is where the door to the "broom cupboard" proved too much for Alex.

Holding the hasp whilst raising the piece of wood that he carried, ready to fight off any possible attacker, he wrenched the door open. Alex did so with so much unneeded force that he staggered back, the piece of wood went flying and he ended flat on his back on the ground. Scurrying on all fours to get hold of the piece of wood, he stood as quickly as he could, only to be confronted by a collection of old brooms, mops and buckets. The room was ancient, it would have been kept as a treasured piece in any western museum, yet here it was being used as nothing more than a broom cupboard.

The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black - Death in Luxor

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Looking from the tomb of Pashedu to the temple
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The Ptolemaic Temple seen through the south wall
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The south facing wall of the courtyard
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The tomb the young adventures looked out from
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Looking down from the Theban hills
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Alex gained entry to the temple courtyard along this wall ...
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... He came in through the arch
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The main entrance as seen by Quentin
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Inside the courtyard
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The Ptolemaic Temple
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2016 - Not a bucket in sight!
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Looking out from the small temple to the exit