Luxor Egyptian souk

Egyptian Souk - Luxor

No tourist gifts in the Egyptian Souk.

Much to her surprise, Kate had actually enjoyed her time with Babs. They had shared a few laughs as they toured the souks of Luxor, where Babs had haggled well whilst buying her presents. Now sitting in the air-conditioned lounge of some modern nondescript hotel drinking ice-cold tamar-hindi, Kate reviewed her photos of the morning. Though the monitor on her camera was small, she could not make out anyone who may have been following her.
Now was the time to go out on her own. Alex had said she should go off without saying anything, just disappear into the crowd. Kate felt so guilty. She could not do that to Babs.

The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black - Luxor Lost and Found

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The vibrancy and buzz of the Egyptian souk
2 / 12
Not only fruit and veg, but also toys and clothes
3 / 12
Ancients, locals or Bast’s guards?
4 / 12
This hardware shop has proven very useful
5 / 12
Egyptian potatoes … the best!
6 / 12
Imagine the smell in the heat of Luxor
7 / 12
A wonderfully colourful selection of fruit and veg
8 / 12
A man buys bread
9 / 12
Peppers, aubergines or shoes?
10 / 12
The youngsters must keep a lookout for ancients
11 / 12
It very easy for ancient women to blend in
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Lunch anyone? Koshary is being sold