The Temple of Mut - Luxor

Luxor Museum

Kate and Alex's first visit to Luxor Museum.

“Is this really all there is, three fragments.” Alex said out loud, though he was only really talking to himself.
A man in a dark suit stepped closer. “I see that you are interested in the ancient goddess Sekhmet.” He spoke with what Alex thought to be a Spanish accent. “Did you see the sandstone one down there?” The man gestured over the open balcony to the floor below.
“No, no I didn’t.”
“It’s only small, but I have to admit to it being one of my favourite pieces. Possibly because of its size, as I do tend to gravitate towards the smaller pieces, though, more probably, because it, unlike these large sculptures,” he gestured towards the two torsos and much larger head of Sekhmet, “was found complete. Finding something that old which is complete is special, really special. It gives it an energy all of its own.” The man’s breast pocket lit up. “Sorry, I must take this.” Holding his phone to his ear he gestured for Alex to go and take a look for himself.
Standing in front of a small, by Egyptian standards, sandstone statue Alex read:

Statue of Nebre
19th Dynasty
Zawiet um el-Rakhem (Mersa Matruh)

This statue was found at the fortress of Zawiet um el-Rakhem,
built to protect the western border of Egypt from the Libyans.
Nebre was the commander of this fortress under Ramesses II.
In one hand he holds his staff of office,
topped by the head of Sekhmet, lioness-headed goddess of war.

Alex heard his name being called: “Down here, Kate.” Her face appeared over the balcony above. “This is worth looking at. The stairs are over there.” Having given Kate time to study the metre plus statue, as well as read the information notice beside it, he asked what she thought.
“I think they have spelt Ramses’ name wrong.”
“Apart from that.”
“It’s nice, but I don’t see how it helps us.” She leaned in close: the statue was raised from the floor though not placed behind glass. “Nebre has a very kind face, though what is he wearing?”
“I’m sure if Cairo was here he would have linked it to some sci-fi movie or other.”
“Anything in mind?”
“Stargate, perhaps, but what of the Sekhmet.”
Kate spent some time looking at it. “It’s nice … small … looks good on top of his staff. Okay, what am I missing?”
“Nothing, nothing at all. I was hoping that you would notice something that I missed.” Alex turned to her. “I don’t know what I was expecting to find here, but when that man told me this was his favourite piece I–”
“What man?”
“The man in the dark suit, on the telephone up there, you must have passed him.”
“On the phone? Are you sure?”
“Yes, we were talking, before he had to take a call.”
“Do you have your phone with you?”
“Yes, but it isn’t turned on.”
“Well, mine is. I tried to call you to find out where you had gone. There is no signal in here!”

From: Book 6 - Sekhmet's Anger - Chapter 16

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The entrance to Luxor Museum.
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The bull from the tomb of Tutankhamun.
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Luxor Museum
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Luxor Museum
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The three cartouches of Thutmosis III
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Thutmosis III
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Detail of a model boat.
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A highly decorated mummy case.