Ramesseum - First Pylon - Luxor

Afternoon tea for Kate, at the mortuary temple of Ramses II.

Just a short distance beyond the Colossi of Memnon, the two enormous stone figures of Amenhotep III, which steadfastly remained seated in front of the now long gone first pylon of his temple, Rose turned right onto an unmade track. To call it a road would vastly overstate its size and condition. Though Rose drove very slowly, Kate was bounced around like a rag doll.
"Where is this?" asked Kate as the car came to a halt.
"This is where we are going to have afternoon tea," Rose said with a smile.
"Up there?" Kate pointed up above a jumble of carved blocks which had obviously, at one time, formed an important part of something ancient. There, on the very top, sat a round table, several chairs and an overly large parasol, of the type used by archaeologists at their excavations.
"Yes, up there." Rose looked thoughtful before asking Kate if she was having trouble with her ancient memories, because they were somewhere she should have known.
"Not trouble exactly. It feels like there is so much I should know, though I cannot see it yet."
"Is it as if you are looking through a fog?"
"Then there is nothing to worry about because it will clear." Rose stepped out of the car, then took a picnic basket out of the back along with a small carrier bag. Kate followed Rose as she walked around the pile of rocks until they were both standing by the stairway within the first pylon of the Ramesseum. Kate now knew exactly where she was. This was the mortuary temple of Ramses II.
Gadeem was already half way down the steps as they arrived. It took Kate a few moments to come to terms with the fact that he walked right through the bars of the modern metal gate by where they stood. "Did you bring it?"
"A hello would be nice." Rose was smiling as she said this.
"Okay, sorry. Hello, did you bring it?" Rose handed over the small carrier bag. Gadeem had a quick glance inside, said "Wonderful," and immediately walked back up the stairs.

"We do not have the luxury of being able to walk through metal bars, so we have to walk this way." Rose lead Kate to where they had to clamber over boulders, some the size of a small car. They passed the picnic basket between them at particularly difficult parts, though they made it to the top without incident. Ramses and Gadeem were already seated, and both had, as was only to be expected, a glass of red wine in front of them. They were seated on rocks rather than chairs, because ancients could not sit on anything modern.

From: Book 3 - Luxor Lost and Found - Chapter 5

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The first pylon of the Ramesseum viewed from inside the temple.
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The stairs travel up inside this end of the pylon.
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Looking up the steps inside the first pylon ...
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... and now looking down, to the gate Gadeem walked through.
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Yes, that's me, standing roughly where Rose parked her Volvo.
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The Ramesseum as seen from the top of the first pylon.
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Yes, me again, this time taking the next picture ...
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... across the Ramesseum to the Roman fort on the Theban hills.
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The colossal fallen statue of Ramses II
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Horus insisted on paying us too much attention!
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The remains of the outside of the first pylon with ...
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... Ramses II depicted with ancient gods ...
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... Ra-Horakhty and Hathor.