Roman Hill Fort - Luxor

The Roman fort on the Theban hills, where Kate landed badly.

"It really did not look this high or this steep from the ground," thought Kate [of the hill she had just climbed], but then all of a sudden she became aware of being able to see right across to the ruins, which were still a good few metres away. There was absolutely nowhere for her to hide. Seeing the shadow of a figure on a remaining piece of ancient mud brick wall, a figure who had not yet seen her, all logic went out of the window as adrenaline kicked in. Kate ran as fast as she could, over to the remains of the fort. She arrived at speed, and stepping up on to the remains of a low wall, she leapt at where she thought the person was … she was wrong, she had miscalculated, though she flew through the air all the same.

The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black - Death in Luxor

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The Roman hill fort
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Looking down to the Ramesseum
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A commanding view over the Nile valley
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The view directly north
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Kate's view as she crested the hill
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A difficult climb from this direction
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Cairo sat here and enjoyed Kate’s sandwiches
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The entrance to the bat filled tunnel ...
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... their way down from the fort