Television Street - Luxor

The large television mast, from which the street takes its name, dominates this main shopping area.

Spinning from the impact, the car, now travelling backwards, brought down a metal electricity pole from the middle of the road. The attached cables gave way instantly and lashed around in the air as if they were demented snakes. The first cable to hit the ground set the highly inflammable nylon wedding dresses alight before its fireworks of sparks set one parked car after another alight. The remaining electric cables appeared to be under some sort of supernatural control as they unnaturally held themselves aloft. Television Street went from a typical Egyptian shopping street to fire, explosions and mayhem with screaming people running in all directions. It had been transformed from a shopping area to a war zone in under twenty seconds.

The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black - Luxor Lost and Found

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The TV arial seen from the Winter Palace garden exit
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Television Street
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Looking back in the direction of the Winter Palace
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A typical pharmacy
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The spice shop
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The tyre repair shop
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The bridal shop
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Television Street offers higher quality clothing than the souk
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Spice and phone shops are everywhere
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Ask an Egyptian for a library and this is the type of shop you will be guided to!