Inherkhau - TT. 359

Inky .. as he is known in the afterlife

Alex, despite his sore hand, went to grab the Egyptian in the white galabeya, but this time everyone took notice of Cairo, as he bellowed, "STOP!" Despite standing perfectly still, Cairo seemed to be moving slightly in many directions as the torches on the walls flickered. "This is Inky, he a friend."
"Well, your friend said that he was going to kill us."
"No," said Inky through a blocked nose. "I said that you were going to die, which is quite different."

The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black - Death in Luxor

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Inherkhau and his wife
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The bulls' head ceiling panel
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The main chamber
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Ears of a rabbit, tail of a cat
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Inherkhau and his wife enjoy the music
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Inky kneeling before a lion of the "horizon"
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Three Anubis' kneel before Inherkhau
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The writing is on the wall!
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A scented embrace