Tourist Souk - Luxor

For Kate, Alex, Cairo and Emmy a visit to the tourist souk
has nothing to do with buying presents
and everything to do with ancients!

The sun had set before Alex, Emmy and Cairo left the hotel and walked up past the Aboudi Bookshop, which Kate had liked so much, and on into the tourist Souk, the old market. Small glass fronted shops and market stalls lined a long narrow street. The land here was very close to ancient ground level, though, before they had left the hotel, Bast had assured them that they would not be walking alone.
"Do you see anybody guarding us?" Emmy asked after surviving the hassle of the first few gift sellers.
"No, but if Bast says we are being guarded, then we will be guarded." Alex stopped to look in the window of a small jewellery shop. Everything sparkled under the bright lights. It was a window full of gold.

The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black - Gold of the Ancients

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The entrance to the tourist souk
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From cheap plastic items made in China ...
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... to quality handmade local crafts
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There are many of ‘gold’ shops
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Reproductions of ancient pieces ...
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... are sold everywhere
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Tamar-hindi being sold in a spice shop
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Not everything that glitters is gold!
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Where are the tourists?