Walk from the Winter Palace to the Souk - Luxor

For Kate, Alex and Cairo the short walk from the Winter Palace to the souk is seldom without drama.

"What just happened in there, Alex?"
"I don’t know, Kate, but what I do know is, if that kid had not been picking his nose we would have both been under that rock."
They leant on a nearby railing which Kate recognised as the one opposite the Aboudi Bookshop, which last week an ancient Egyptian woman appeared to walk right through, after taking the David Roberts print from her. A black cat jumped up onto the top of the railing and nuzzled up to Kate, then nuzzled harder, then pushed her, but she was not moving, so the cat sank its teeth in. Kate moved.

The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black - Death in Luxor

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The Gaddis Bookshop
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Luxor Temple is straight ahead
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The southern end of Luxor Temple
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They have to pass The Gardens
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Egyptian water pipes
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The Aboudi Bookshop
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Luxor Temple - looking west ...
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... with the Theban hills behind
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The first pylon of Luxor temple
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Luxor main square from temple to mosque
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Luxor main square from mosque to souk
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A 30+ year old gold Peugeot 504
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The entrance to the souk