Ptolemaic Temple at Deir el-Medina - The Temple

The Greek temple where Kate went missing.

"Though all very interesting inside, Mister Alex, many ancient gods on walls, we found nothing. Madam Kate had me look low whilst she high, looking for secret entrance, tunnel or us."
"Us, Cairo?"
"Us, you know, us! Someone us place."
"Oh, you looked for signs of use."
"That what I say, Mister Alex."
"Yes, sorry Cairo, do carry on."
"But nothing there, Mister Alex. Madam Kate worry gaffir may be back, so we hurry. Then Madam Kate found a wall that was wrong."

The Egyptian Adventures of Kathryn Black - Death in Luxor

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The Ptolemaic temple
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Imagine the stories this temple could tell!
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Alex had not seen a wall made like this anywhere else in the Theban Hills.
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"It’s like a queue for the first Egyptian McDonald’s," said Alex
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Cairo ran from here to the main gate
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Hathor in human and cow form
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Walls crammed with bas relief gods.
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Hathor, looking resplendent in her own chapel
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Anubis wearing the dual crown of Egypt